• Pitchside LED Video: No Longer a Luxury

    Pitchside LED Video is now a necessity for soccer stadiums wanting to maximize sponsor dollars or stadiums wanting to draw and feature top soccer teams or matchups. Pitchside LED Video Makes Televised Soccer Possible I remember a long time ago – 30 years or so – watching soccer on television and thinking it was such a novelty. I knew it was “the most popular sport in the world,” so I asked my dad why it was never on TV. Dad: “No commercial breaks. There’s only a halftime.” Me: “So?” Dad: …

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  • LED Video: The Missing Link

    LED Video Bridges the Generation Gap Between the Thrill of Live Events and a Media-Hungry Audience. If it’s Not on LED Video, Did it Happen? A few months ago I read a compelling “deep thought,” a commentary on the generation now in their teens and twenties. It went something like this, regarding life’s everyday happenings and events: “If it’s not on YouTube, did it happen? A few weeks ago, I watched the Portland Timbers defeat Real Salt Lake at Portland’s new, beautiful soccer facility, Jeld Wen Field. The match’s lone …

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  • LED Video and The New Breed of Sports Fan

    The preferences of today’s sports fan are often generational. Whereas a 25-year old might want – or, in his mind, need – a heavy dose of technology – including wifi and LED video – with his live sporting event, a 65-year old might be at the game for the simple pleasure of live sports, a camaraderie with the crowd, and something as momentary as the wafting smell of roasted peanuts, or the call of the concessions barker. But Lighthouse isn’t in the popcorn business. We’re in the business of LED …

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  • Playing in the Big Leagues with LED Video

    For a minor league baseball franchise, often playing in the big leagues – from a fan experience perspective – is easier than it may seem. The dimensions of a minor league ballpark are exactly the same as its major league counterpart. Often several players on the team will have played in “The Show.” At the AA and AAA level, the quality of play is high. And more and more owners are renovating existing ballparks or building new ones. However, the element that transforms a quaint minor league park to a …

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  • The 5 Things (including LED Video) You Need in Your Stadium

    This past Saturday, I spent the day watching a combination of Big Ten football and several nationally-televised games, then drove up to my local college football stadium to catch a night game. While watching the game, my football fan cohorts – one is a New Fan to the sport but not to sports in general, and the other is primarily an NFL Fan – and I discussed what we would do to make the live experience better. First, let’s begin by saying the LED video screen was spectacular. Huge, colorful, …

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