Lighthouse “Believes” in #USWNT at BC Place

BCPlace2-660When the United States Women’s National Soccer Team takes on Nigeria in the group stage of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Vancouver’s BC Place, they’ll have a giant cheerleader above the pitch – Lighthouse’s massive center-hung, four-sided LED video screen.

BC Place, the home of MLS’ Vancouver Whitecaps and the CFL’s BC Lions, is the residence of the world’s second-largest center-hung LED video system. Integrated by Lighthouse partner TS Sports, which is now a part of Lighthouse distributing partner Panasonic Eco Solutions, the four-sided center-hung structure features two gigantic main screens and two end screens, totaling 3500 square feet of full-color LED video.

Designed by Anthony James Partners, the center-hung LED video system features Lighthouse’s Impact 16 LED video product, an exceptionally bright 16mm-pitch LED video panel designed for both indoor and outdoor arenas and stadiums, particularly venues facing conditions involving high-intensity ambient light. With over 6,500 square feet of LED video, the center-hung screens fill the stadium with colorful animations, sponsor messages, Lions’ replays, Whitecaps’ player introductions, custom video, and live concert and special event coverage.

In addition to the center-hung displays, Lighthouse installed 1700 linear feet of fascia display and 550 linear feet of pitchside display – over 2 million individual LED video pixels. The Lighthouse 20mm fascia panels produce an electrifying complement to the giant main display.

Everything a stay-at-home fan expects from a slick televised sports production will be delivered to U.S.A. and Nigeria fans at BC Place via the giant Lighthouse LED video screens hovering over center pitch: Game action, replays, the game clock and score, slow motion, all of it coordinated with the in-game action and injury breaks. The instant an exciting or controversial play ends, every fan will raise their attention to the LED video screens to take a closer look at the play. Soccer is a game whose overall beauty requires some distance to appreciate, while the often surprising brutality of the game is best experienced up close. Lighthouse’s spectacular installation at BC Place enables soccer fans to experience both aspects of the sport, via a seamless combination of live action and Lighthouse’s advanced technology.

Lighthouse’s role in helping BC Place evolve into a world-class sporting venue was accomplished by partnering with LED video systems integrator TS Sports, now a part of Panasonic Eco Solutions, and market-leading LED innovator and developer Cree, based in Durham, NC. TS Sports provided installation, integration and logistics, while Cree brought their vast experience and exceptional LED technology to the BC Place project.

“Lighthouse is thrilled to be a part of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup at BC Place,” says Ed Whitaker, General Manager for Lighthouse – The Americas. “It’s our goal to contribute to the world’s most important and high-profile sporting events.”

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