Lighthouse LED Displays Light Up Times Square

Photo of Lighthouse LED video display on NASDAQ TowerTimes Square epitomizes the bright lights of New York City. With installations at the NASDAQ Tower, Bank of America building, and Hilton Garden Inn, Lighthouse Technologies plays a major role in the visual landscape of one of the world’s most famous intersections.

The NASDAQ Tower soars above Broadway and 7th Avenue, a high-definition, iconic reminder as to what Lighthouse Technologies can accomplish with our state-of-the-art LED video displays. Lighthouse partner Panasonic used Lighthouse’s Impact technology – the same SMD (Surface Mount Diode) LED technology utilized in Lighthouse’s striking installations at Michigan Stadium and Vancouver’s BC Place – to retrofit the NASDAQ Tower display in approximately two months while remaining fully operational. Only the display’s daily work area was not functioning during the transformation. But once the work day ended, the entire screen was returned to normal.

To accomplish the NASDAQ Tower’s two-month transformation, Lighthouse designed 8,217 project-specific, Custom Intelligent Modules that utilize the existing structure and electrical setup. By creating a one-of-a-kind Impact module for the NASDAQ Tower, Lighthouse limited the project’s publicly visible portion to the removal of old LED tiles and the installation of new Lighthouse custom intelligent modules. Measuring 84′ wide by 119′ high (2,080 pixels wide by 2,964 pixels high), the NASDAQ Tower LED display features continuous high-definition content, sponsorships, and public messages.

“The NASDAQ Tower is arguably the most visible LED video display in Times Square,” said Ed Whitaker, General Manager of Lighthouse Technologies – The Americas. “We’re proud to have worked with Panasonic Eco Solutions on the project.”

Photo of Lighthouse LED video display, Bank of America

Lighthouse LED video display, Bank of America

A few doors away, Lighthouse’s LED video display at the Bank of America is unique for its multiple faces. In addition to the main Impact 10 display (SMD LED technology) facing Times Square (measuring 52′ wide by 27′ high), the Bank of America display has additional faces on the left, right, and bottom of the video screen, each measuring over 2′ deep and endowing the LED display with a striking three-dimensional look. By delivering the display in large sections that included the sides and bottom displays, Lighthouse reduced installation time and costs.

Down the street on the other side of the NASDAQ Tower, the Hilton Garden Inn features a large (57′ wide by 28′ high) main display with angled side displays, each measuring just under 10′ wide. Built from Lighthouse’s Impact 10 SMD LED panels, the Hilton Garden Inn’s LED display was installed and put into operation while the hotel was still under construction.

Photo of Lighthouse LED video display, Hilton Garden Inn

Lighthouse LED video display, Hilton Garden Inn

Lighthouse’s Impact series offers a large panel for quick installation, is IP65 rated, and provides front and rear access and easy-release IM structure for simple maintenance. The Impact series’ 16-bit processing technology heightens brightness levels, color contrast and image quality, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor venues with bright ambient light.

“Our installations in Times Square demonstrate Lighthouse’s tremendous digital signage technology,” Whitaker added. “Our Impact series provides creative solutions to anyone who wants to present a message.”

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