Lighthouse LED Video and Panasonic Help Eagles Fly at Lincoln Financial Field

Photo of Lighthouse LED display at Lincoln Financial Field

Lighthouse LED display at Lincoln Financial Field

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company have installed state-of-the-art, high-definition Lighthouse LED video displays throughout Lincoln Financial Field, home of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles.

As part of a two-year revitalization project, Panasonic modernized “The Linc” with over 24,000 square feet of Lighthouse cutting edge 10mm Surface Mount Device (SMD) panels, which makes the Eagles’ displays the tightest-pitch displays in the league. Lighthouse introduced the United States’ first waterproof SMD LED video chip for outdoor applications. With a wider viewing angle than non-SMD products, Lighthouse’s SMD panels are ideal wherever long viewing distances are required, such as sports arenas, outdoor digital signage, advertising billboards, shopping malls and theme parks. Lighthouse’s SMD panels offer a large panel for quick installation, are IP65 rated, and provide front and rear access and easy-release IM structure for simple maintenance. With 16-bit processing technology to heighten brightness levels, color contrast and image quality, Lighthouse LED video panels are ideal for indoor or outdoor venues with bright ambient light.

“High profile projects such as Lincoln Financial Field demonstrate our ability to deliver for our partners,” said Ed Whitaker, General Manager of Lighthouse – The Americas, “while Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company delivers for their customers.”

LED Display Details

The project, a collaboration of Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company – a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America – and Lighthouse, the leader in LED display technology, features new scoreboard/video boards at both ends of the stadium, plus more than 2,500 linear feet of ribbon fascia boards that carry updated fantasy football statistics and scores from around the league, including details such as time remaining and ball possession. Panasonic supplied the complete graphics head-end system to integrate 39 individual Lighthouse LED video boards installed throughout the stadium onto one network. This technical solution gives control room operators vastly improved versatility and flexibility with respect to programming and synchronizing all content. Eagles fans watch the same type of replays, close-up angles, and super slow-motion reviews broadcast to home viewers on network television.

Photo of Lighthouse LED ribbon display at Lincoln Financial Field

Lighthouse LED ribbon display at Lincoln Financial Field

“Lighthouse’s collaboration with Panasonic at Lincoln Financial Field resulted in an incredible LED video installation,” added Whitaker. “Beginning this season, every Eagles fan will feel like they have the best seat in the house.”

Image of Panasonic Lighthouse Press Release Footer

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