ANC Sports Installs Huge Lighthouse LED Video Displays at Penn State

Photo of Lighthouse LED Display at Penn State

Lighthouse LED Display at Penn State

ANC Sports have installed giant, cutting-edge Lighthouse LED video displays in Beaver Stadium, home of Penn State Nittany Lions football.

Approaching the stadium from the north or south, fans and opponents are greeted with the impressive housings of the LED video screens, which feature giant Nittany Lion logos that glow in the evenings and can be seen for miles.

Inside the stadium, the massive Lighthouse LED video displays in the north and south end zones dominate the stadium. Penn State fans are treated to a professional pre-game program, featuring player interviews, game highlights, entertainment segments, and a one-on-one interviews. While the programming on the Lighthouse LED video system gradually builds to game time, the video features and music become more urgent, preparing one of college football’s best student sections for the battle to come. In addition, LED ribbon displays sweep across both end zones, providing additional information to fans.

“Our partnership with ANC Sports,” said Ed Whitaker, General Manager of Lighthouse – The Americas, “has resulted in a truly spectacular installation at Penn State.”

LED Display Details

Beaver Stadium is consistently voted one of college football’s most intimidating stadiums for visiting teams. With massive crowds, “whiteout” games, and a raucous student section, the Nittany Lions enjoy a home environment most programs can only dream of. This season, ANC Sports enriched the already heady experience of Penn State football this season with two Lighthouse IMPACT 16 video boards, stunning 16mm outdoor LED video systems measuring nearly half a football field across. Positioned in the end zones, the 16mm pitch LED video boards provide in-game broadcast capability, instant replay, remarkable animation, outstanding fan involvement sequences and colorful promotional videos.

During the game, the Penn State production team presents game replays, stats, advertisements, and between-play music, all coordinated with the on-field play, for the kind of live event production that pushes attending a live sporting event past watching it at home. The capabilities and flexibility of Lighthouse LED video enable the production team to begin with the battle on the gridiron, and add the statistics, sounds, and insight home viewers receive, for a sports experience better than the sum of its parts.

Photo of Lighthouse LED Video - Beaver Stadium

Lighthouse LED Video – Beaver Stadium

In addition to teaming with ANC Sports, Lighthouse collaborated with market-leading LED innovator and developer Cree, based in Durham, NC, bringing their vast experience and exceptional LED technology to the high-profile Penn State University project.

“Lighthouse is excited to work with ANC Sports and Penn State football,” added Whitaker. “Big time football deserves Lighthouse’s big time technology.”

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