Lighthouse and TS Sports Install Grand Video Board

Photo of Lighthouse LED display at Indiana Grand Racecourse.

Lighthouse LED display at Indiana Grand’s finish line

Lighthouse and TS Sports have installed a new LED video screen at Indiana Grand Racecourse in Shelbyville, Indiana, just outside Indianapolis.

The main LED video display, positioned at the finish line, is Lighthouse’s revolutionary GreenlineTM series HD10. The HD10 is environmentally friendly – RoHS compliant – and has a dramatically reduced carbon footprint over conventional panels. In addition, the Greenline HD10 delivers spectacular brightness with an ultra-high contrast ratio, producing excellent image resolution and uniformity, plus crowd-pleasing viewing angles.

Indiana Grand’s new LED video screen measures 33 feet wide by 19 feet high. With an effective resolution of 10mm, it brings incredible, vivid racing images to fans in the grandstand.

Lighthouse’s HD10 LED video display at Indiana Grand delivers live racing, replays, magnifications (such as photo finishes), betting odds, race results, advertising messages, and animations.

“Horse racing is enhanced with an excellent LED video system,” said Ed Whitaker, General Manager of Lighthouse – The Americas. “The new LED video screen at Indiana Grand enriches a day at the races, and enables Indiana Grand to deliver a deeper, more complete experience to their fans.”

Photo of Indiana Grand's Lighthouse LED display.

Indiana Grand’s LED screen displays projected payouts.

Advanced LED technology enables tracks such as Indiana Grand Racecourse to combine live racing with live broadcasts of the action at other tracks, which extends the day and attracts more fans. This translates to more revenue for race tracks with Lighthouse LED video screens. With cameras providing various angles on the race, Indiana Grand’s new video board provides better perspectives and coverage for horse racing fans.

“Working with TS Sports at Indiana Grand,” Whitaker added, “was a chance to be involved with an up-and-coming racetrack. Lighthouse is deeply involved with racing at every level, from horse racing to F1. Our project at Indiana Grand continues that commitment.”

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