Lighthouse and Panasonic Add Iconic LED Video Scoring Pylon to Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Photo of Lighthouse's LED video scoring pylon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Lighthouse’s scoring pylon at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis 500 is the most iconic car race in North America. Undoubtedly, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the most famous racetrack on America’s auto racing landscape. On July 27, 2014, the Indy Motor Speedway and Lighthouse partner Panasonic presented a new icon to motor racing fans, manufactured by Lighthouse Technologies.

Soaring 92 feet into the air, the 4-feet square LED video scoring pylon rises along the main straightaway at IMS, providing fans with instantaneous driver and place information, lap times, miles per hour, and time behind the leader.

Visible from every seat in the massive auto racing facility, the pylon flashes with green lights at the start of races, and can display race logos, animations, and digital artwork.

Photo of Lighthouse's LED scoring pylon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The LED scoring pylon is 92′ tall

“The Indianapolis 500 is a legendary American auto race,” said Ed Whitaker, General Manager of Lighthouse – The Americas. “The third-generation scoring pylon at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway updates and enhances the racetrack’s traditional pylon. Fans are going to love it.”

Lighthouse’s state-of-the-art LED technology enables sports venues such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to deliver a deeper experience to race fans while maintaining the traditional look and feel of the event.

“Teaming with Panasonic,” Whitaker added, “puts Lighthouse in the most prestigious venues in the world, such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Circuit of the Americas, and Churchill Downs. When the races start, we’re ready.”

Image of Panasonic Lighthouse Press Release Footer

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