World’s Largest 4K LED Video Board Built by Lighthouse

Photo of Lighthouse LED video display at Churchill Downs

Lighthouse display at Churchill Downs

The Kentucky Derby is the most iconic race in thoroughbred horse racing. Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Kentucky Derby since 1875, is one of the world’s most famous racetracks. On May 3, 2014, Churchill Downs and Lighthouse partner Panasonic unveiled the world’s largest 4K LED video display, manufactured by Lighthouse Technologies.

Aptly nicknamed the “Big Board,” the giant LED video screen is the only display in an outdoor stadium or arena capable of displaying 4K ultra-high definition content. Measuring 171 feet wide by 90 feet high (15,390 square feet), with the top of the board 170 feet above the ground, the Big Board stands tall along the backstretch of Churchill Downs, bringing incredible, vivid racing images to fans in the grandstand.

4K video content demands complex technology Lighthouse is uniquely positioned to deliver. With more than 2,160 vertical lines and 4,000 horizontal lines (4K) of resolution – and a 170-degree viewing angle – Lighthouse’s HD12 LED video display at Churchill Downs delivers live racing, replays, magnifications (such as photo finishes), betting odds, race results, advertising and brand messages, ticker displays, creative sequences, and animations, including Churchill Downs’ tremendous promo sequence.

“When people think of horse racing, they think of the Kentucky Derby,” said Ed Whitaker, General Manager of Lighthouse – The Americas. “The new ‘Big Board’ at Churchill Downs adds high technology to deep tradition, which makes a day at the races more engaging than ever.”

Photo of The Big Board - Lighthouse display at Churchill Downs

The Big Board – Lighthouse display at Churchill Downs

Advanced LED technology enables sports venues such as Churchill Downs to combine live sports with the best aspects of at-home viewing, which allows fans to enjoy the creature comforts of modern technology while immersed in the authentic experience of live sports. With fixed and mobile HD cameras throughout the venue that feed into state-of-the-art presentation software, Churchill Downs’ Big Board provides unique perspectives and insight for horse racing fans.

“Teaming with Panasonic,” Whitaker added, “enables Lighthouse to take part in tremendous projects such as Churchill Downs. We do traditional projects, we do one-of-a-kind creative designs, and with Churchill Downs we’ve shown we can definitely go big.”

Image of Panasonic Lighthouse Press Release Footer

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