Lighthouse VideoBlades LED Video Draws 11,000 to Paris Opera Ballet Simulcast

Lighthouse LED video Millennium Park Paris Ballet VideoBlades

Lighthouse VideoBlades LED video at Millennium Park

Lighthouse provided the Jay Pritzker Pavillion at Millennium Park in Chicago with Lighthouse’s VideoBladesTM LED video display for its recent simulcast of the Paris Opera Ballet’s Giselle, presented live from Chicago’s Harris Theater for Music and Dance.

“We’ve been looking for years for the perfect large format screen system to bring our outdoor audiences an experience of added dimension, through both live and recorded presentations, day or night,” says Donna LaPietra, Chairman of Millennium Park. “Lighthouse VideoBlades delivers that product. Images are bright, clear and refined from the front row seats to the back of the lawn 600 feet away, from high noon to moonlight.”

Lighthouse VideoBlades LED Video
VideoBlades is a revolutionary large-scale LED video display technology that straddles the worlds of video and lighting in the entertainment, events and architectural markets. VideoBlades 12, used for the Giselle simulcast, provides a 12.5mm pixel pitch, modular LED video screen that delivers superb image quality both indoors and outdoors.

VideoBlades comes in two formats, SkyRoll™ and GroundRoll™, which can be deployed by rolling up or down from its patented rotating structure, just like a window shade. The modular format allows for the seamless formation of large-scale screens limited in size only by a customer’s needs. For the Paris Opera Ballet simulcast, Lighthouse used Groundroll, which deploys up from the floor, resulting in the lowest possible rigged weight. GroundRoll screens can be simply and seamlessly joined together to produce displays of unlimited width. Lighthouse joined four separate Groundrolls for the Millennium Park event, to produce a screen 32.5’ wide by 16.5’ high.

Lighthouse LED video at the Millennium Park simulcast of the Paris Ballet

Lighthouse’s Paris Opera Ballet Simulcast

Lighthouse Simulcasts the Paris Opera Ballet
“It was exciting to be part of an important cultural event such as the Paris Opera Ballet,” says Ed Whitaker, Lighthouse N.A.S.A. director of sales. “Simulcasting the event presented an opportunity to not only showcase our VideoBlades display, but to give back to the community.”

The capacity crowd of 11,000 watched Giselle performed by the world famous Paris Opera Ballet, the oldest ballet company in the world, dating back to 1669. The performance marked the launch of the Paris Opera Ballet’s 2012 North American tour, and was the first-ever free outdoor simulcast of a live performance by an international ballet company at Millennium Park.

“The VideoBlades screen Lighthouse provided performed far beyond every possible expectation,” says Michael Tiknis, President and Managing Director of the Harris Theater for Music and Dance. “It helped make the Millennium Park simulcast a world-class event.”


LIGHTHOUSE is a leader in LED video display technology that develops, manufactures, and markets LED video solutions for multiple indoor & outdoor applications, media & entertainment events, and sports arenas across the globe. With numerous technological breakthroughs to its name, Lighthouse has established itself as a multi award-winning leader in the LED video industry that holds itself to the highest standards of quality.

Employing the most advanced technology, the highest manufacturing facilities, and world-class, round-the-clock technical support, Lighthouse satisfies customers and captivates the imaginations of millions. For more information about Lighthouse, please visit

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