Lighthouse LED Video Makes Waves in West Michigan

LED video Fifth Third Ballpark

Lighthouse LED video at Fifth Third Ballpark

Lighthouse and TS Sports have completed the installation of a Lighthouse TSPi20 20mm LED video screen at Fifth Third Ballpark, home of the Detroit Tigers Class A affiliate West Michigan Whitecaps.

The project, designed by Bob Masewicz of Total Sports Entertainment and installed by Lighthouse partner TS Sports, combines a state-of-the-art Lighthouse 20mm LED video display with an old-time hand-changed scoreboard. The new system echoes the blend of technology and nostalgia Whitecaps baseball delivers on a nightly basis to West Michigan fans. The Lighthouse video board measures 55′ wide by 28′ high, and consists of 117 individual 20mm LED video panels. Whitecaps fans now enjoy colorful animations, sponsor messages, in-game replays and player introductions, along with custom video and highlights.

Prior to West Michigan baseball games, Whitecaps fans are treated to more than just batting practice. Programming on the Lighthouse LED video screen includes a fun, rousing pre-game program, including local sponsor messages, animations and baseball highlights, including Detroit Tigers highlights, a reminder to both fans and players of how close they are to the major leagues.

Lighthouse LED Video at Fifth Third Ballpark, West Michigan Whitecaps

During the game, the Whitecaps video team screens a program centering on live game coverage. Between pitches, at-bats and innings are instant replays, highlights and advertising, timeout and halftime spots, as well as upcoming Whitecaps promotions. The video team’s game production quality is on par with a major league stadium, the replays are timely and crystal clear, and the mixture of live action with sponsorship is excellent. In addition, several of the sponsor-driven fan participation games are memorable and amusing.

Lighthouse LED video at Fifth Third Ballpark

Lighthouse LED video at Fifth Third Ballpark

The Lighthouse LED video screen at Fifth Third Ballpark succeeds in bringing a major league feel to a minor league venue, serving the dual purpose of enriching the fan experience and preparing the players for “The Show.”

“Fifth Third Ballpark is a fun project for Lighthouse,” says Ed Whitaker, Lighthouse Jumbovision N.A.S.A. Director of Sales. “By combining our industry-leading LED video with the yesteryear feel of a manual scoreboard, we think Whitecaps fans will get the best of two worlds – an authentic Americana experience boosted with cutting-edge technology.”

The new Lighthouse LED video board boasts a viewing area of over 1500 square feet and displays crystal-clear images, video and animation using 360,000 individual LED video pixels. The fan experience at Fifth Third Ballpark now feels even closer to Comerica Park’s (home of the Detroit Tigers) exciting atmosphere.

Lighthouse LED video at Fifth Third Ballpark

Lighthouse LED video at Fifth Third Ballpark

For Fifth Third Ballpark’s LED video system installation, Lighthouse teamed with partner and LED video systems integrator TS Sports, and market-leading LED innovator and developer Cree, based in Durham, NC.

“Lighthouse has enjoyed working with Total Sports Entertainment and TS Sports on the West Michigan project,” Ed Whitaker adds. “It’s a step into the future with a tip of the ballcap to the past, and we think it’s going to help the Whitecaps present the best of the baseball experience.”

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