Total Immersion with LED Video

Lighthouse LED video at Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour

Lighthouse LED video at Cirque du Soleil

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who didn’t know I write about Lighthouse. She was talking about Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, which she had seen recently. I asked her about it, and the first thing she mentioned was the LED video used by the show. She talked about the battle between keeping her eyes on the performers or watching the video screens. While she gushed about the great music, and the amazing video, and the dancers, I thought about how LED video has become an integral part of the live entertainment mix.

Before LED Video

When I was growing up, black-and-white lightbulb boards were the state-of-the-art. There were no instant replays, or featurettes, or even live action. At best, a venue displayed in-game statistics and scores from around the league. Concerts or other entertainment events used no greater technology than wireless guitars and mics, and fixed lightbulb displays. To today’s fan, it seems like ancient Rome, but it wasn’t that long ago. During breaks in the action, or between the opening act and the headliner, you looked around or talked to friends or let your mind wander.

Lighthouse LED video at American Airlines Center

Lighthouse LED video at American Airlines Center

LED Video Fills In The Cracks

LED video demands a fan’s attention. It augments live sports and entertainment experiences. It fills in the cracks between acts or periods. It bridges the gap between creature comforts and live performances. LED enables total immersion for a football fan – who can watch the game on the field, the replay on the LED video screen, and the pre-game and post-game features – and total immersion for the concert- or show-goer – who can alternate between watching the performance on stage and the supporting LED video on or above stage. A given is the fact that LED video improves every seat in the house and makes binoculars redundant. Today’s fan’s mind and eyes needn’t wander. If they do, LED video is there to bring them back into the game.

LED Video Completes the Fan Experience

Predictably, when I told my friend that I worked with the company who built the LED video screens used in Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour, her enthusiasm spilled over. During and after the show, she and her friends had talked about how amazing Cirque du Soleil’s video had been. How it had supported the show, while intensifying their experience at the same time. As they commonly do, Cirque du Soleil uses Lighthouse’s VideoBlades LED video differently than other shows or venues. That knowledge, and my friend’s enthusiasm for the show’s video, led me to conclude that LED video already does more than I’d assumed for live events. LED video does not distract. It completes the live experience by immersing the audience like never before.

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