Television Makes Promises that LED Video Delivers

Watching sports on television is more of a national pastime than THE national pastime. The habit of watching replays, close-ups and statistics on a television makes LED video a natural extension of the live sports experience, and a financial boon for both advertisers and venues.

Lighthouse LED video at Crisler Arena, University of Michigan

AT&T® Takes over Crisler Arena's Main Lighthouse LED Video System

While traveling to most of Lighthouse’s major LED video installations, I’m struck each time by a phenomena that seems at once natural and strange, a bet-the-farm dynamic between crowd and game and LED video screen. Fans are accustomed to watching sports on their home flat screen, and it seems entirely natural to continue watching the game on the giant LED video screen, even when a sneak peak at the field, or court or ice, would reveal the real McCoy – the actual game – occurring at that very moment, as games did before the advent of televised sports. Predictably, the farther from the action, the more time fans who paid to watch the game live will watch the game on the LED video displays.

Lighthouse LED video in BC Place - Vancouver, BC

Kia® brands BC Place with Lighthouse LED Video

The large, crystal clear Lighthouse LED video screens are of even more interest to advertisers and venue operators. With modern large format LED video screens, ad inventory can be virtually limitless. That spells M-O-R-E-$ for stadium and arena managers, sports teams and event promoters. An added bonus is different sponsors can be inserted for different events at a single location. Often, advertisers whose target market doesn’t care much about the city’s professional hockey franchise may fit hand-in-glove with an alternative rock band coming to town, and an entirely new slice of the city’s businesses can be contacted regarding sponsorships. This translates to more ad dollars for the venue, targeted, affordable exposure for local businesses, and potentially higher commissions for the venue’s ad sales team.

For advertisers, beyond the potential to pick and choose sponsorship opportunities and thereby streamline ad costs, today’s LED video systems – often comprised of main video screens, 360-degree facade displays and courtside or pitchside displays – enable a sponsor to brand an entire facility for anywhere from 30 seconds to an entire event. In venues savvy to the capabilities of LED video, a roster of advertisers can take advantage of the “branded” look, which results in audience attention drawn to the LED video screens each time a new sponsor “takes over” the facility. And, because of the creative flexibility of Lighthouse LED video systems, sponsors can match their in-venue creative with their out-of-venue campaigns – or, alternatively, extend their “real world” campaigns with venue-themed creative – to produce an orchestrated advertising effort to the audience.

Lighthouse LED Video at the University of Michigan's Crisler Arena

Arby's® Takes Advantage of LED Video

The kind of programming and creative power LED video enables, and the capability of a venue to offer it to multiple advertisers, creates a spectacular opportunity for venue and advertiser alike. Lighthouse large format LED video can be used as a tool to extend advertising campaigns established outside the confines of a venue, or to deliver venue-specific creative to an enthusiastic audience.

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