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A few nights ago I had the pleasure of watching the Michigan Wolverines men’s basketball team play an early season game against Ferris State. As a sports fan and an industry “veteran,” whenever I watch live sports I pay particular attention to the scoreboards, video screens, ad panels, and the general production of the game. How does it relate to the live game? Are the operators improving the live experience by coordinating with the live experience, or are they simply playing a set program during the game breaks? How is the advertising presented? Does it catch the eye, or does it blend into the background? If I was advertising at this particular venue during this particular game, would I be happy with my investment?

LED video’s value to advertisers and venues is what I’m going to address in this article.

Lighthouse LED Video at the University of Michigan's Crisler Arena

Lighthouse LED video is an excellent value for both the venue and the sponsor

The Clear, Colorful Advantages of LED Video Signage

The center-hung LED video scoreboard at the University of Michigan’s Crisler arena is an excellent example of why LED video brings greater value to advertisers than the backlit ad panels of yesteryear. Many, if not most, sports facilities still sell backlit ad panels or basic signage to their advertisers. Unfortunately, over time, basic signage, like a strong smell, is ignored. The nose becomes accustomed to a strong smell after only a minute or two, and the eye takes note of a sign and, thereafter, ignores it in favor of the game’s movement and changing imagery.

Imagery such as LED video signage.

LED video signage at a sports facility, coordinated with the rhythm of the game and for maximum advertiser benefit, maintains its effectiveness long after static ad panels become forgotten background elements. Why? Three quick reasons:

  • In most venues, if an advertiser is willing, the venue can find a blank spot on which to slap a sign. With LED video, multiple advertisers co-exist within the system enabling a board “takeover” by various advertisers at different times, as pictured in the photos accompanying this article. With this effective method of venue ad placement, spectators see only one advertiser at any given time.
  • Because of the programming possibilities, LED video signage offers a venue a seemingly limitless ad space inventory, as well as truly limitless promotional and creative possibilities.
  • LED video signage changes periodically, drawing the eye. The scoreboard and/or venue walls take on a different appearance and, often, brand the entire venue for an advertiser.

Lighthouse LED video in BC Place - Vancouver, BC

Kia® branding BC Place with Lighthouse LED video

Branding Your Venue – Every Two Minutes

In a location such as BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia, where the venue has a large center-hung video board, a 360-degree facade ring and a pitchside display running the length of the field, an advertiser can take hostage the entire stadium. With a properly coordinated sponsorship segment – using video, animation, infinite colors and creativity – the results can be impressive and far, far beyond the capability of a static sign. In addition, the sponsor’s message can change as the season progresses, or for different events or sports. The possibilities for both the sponsor and venue are unmatched.

Lighthouse Puts the Venue back in Revenue

LED video signage offers effectiveness, affordability and creative possibility to advertisers, and increased sponsorship dollars to stadiums and arenas everywhere. With Lighthouse

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