LED Video and The New Breed of Sports Fan

The preferences of today’s sports fan are often generational. Whereas a 25-year old might want – or, in his mind, need – a heavy dose of technology – including wifi and LED video – with his live sporting event, a 65-year old might be at the game for the simple pleasure of live sports, a camaraderie with the crowd, and something as momentary as the wafting smell of roasted peanuts, or the call of the concessions barker.

But Lighthouse isn’t in the popcorn business. We’re in the business of LED video.

Today’s fan – the fan Lighthouse LED video appeals to – wants a live, media-rich experience, complete with sneaker squeaks, pounding bodies and hi-def LED video. Plus five bar reception on his cell phone, so he can text and twitter the game away. This fan watches Lighthouse LED video for the replay when the crowd roar forces him to glance away from his iPhone.

Far from being the poster boy for the demise of live-venue sports, today’s fan wants a fair exchange for his ticket money. He wants live action on the field. He wants high-definition LED video replays. He wants high-quality video entertainment between innings, during timeouts, after each quarter and at halftime. He wants it all and, if live venues want him and his ilk to attend, keeping ticket sales brisk, he’s going to get it.

This is why Lighthouse’s LED video’s superior quality is crucial to the modern sports venue. As home television resolution approaches that of real life, to keep the inherent advantages of a live event and diminish the disadvantages (high ticket prices, parking, traffic, weather) a venue must match or, at the very least, approach the technology available in the home. Fortunately, when working with Lighthouse HD LED video screens, matching the home experience – instant statistics, high-definition replays and slow motion, etc. – is easy. More effectively than any other manufacturer, Lighthouse Jumbovision’s LED video makes it possible.

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