Playing in the Big Leagues with LED Video

For a minor league baseball franchise, often playing in the big leagues – from a fan experience perspective – is easier than it may seem. The dimensions of a minor league ballpark are exactly the same as its major league counterpart. Often several players on the team will have played in “The Show.” At the AA and AAA level, the quality of play is high. And more and more owners are renovating existing ballparks or building new ones.

However, the element that transforms a quaint minor league park to a fan magnet, capable of delivering the Major League experience to a minor league fan base, is a can’t-keep-your-eyes-off-of-it LED video screen in right center or left center field.

LED video at PawtucketAs the fan amenity bar continues to rise in sports venues across the country, one thing makes the biggest impact: LED video and the accompanying instant replays, highlights from the parent club, bloopers, fan games and advertising. In contrast, nothing says “minor league” like a basic scoreboard with static signs. An LED video screen not only becomes an irreplaceble presence in every ballpark it touches, but increases ad revenue (because of its multiple-sponsor, multimedia nature) and the return on that revenue to the advertiser (because of LED video’s constantly-changing nature). The addition of LED video to a minor league ballpark results in satisfied advertisers, higher ad prices, and yet another revenue sream for the minor league club. In an increasingly-cutthroat environment for ticket dollars, the average Pawtucket Red Sox fan demands a baseball experience rivaling that in Boston, which includes LED video.

With Lighthouse LED video screens, that demand is met. Lighthouse delivers the clearest, most vivid colors available in LED video. Lighthouse is particularly expert in bringing LED video to minor league ballparks, with more years of successful experience and more knowledge of minor league economics than any of Lighthouse’s competitors. Most importantly, Lighthouse treats minor league baseball from a major league perspective. When you need to upgrade your park in Harrisburg or Tulsa, in Grand Prairie or Aberdeen, Lighthouse delivers major league Bang for minor league Bucks.

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