Digital Signage Claws through the Noise

Driving through Los Angeles on my way to the Rose Bowl a few weeks ago, I found myself on a street I’d taken many times. The buildings streamed past without drawing my notice, as did the ubiquitous billboards and static lighted signs. But then I rounded a bend and BAM, there it was. A digital billboard (digital signage at its largest format), blasting through the dusk and din of information. Bright colors. A different movie ad every ten seconds or so. And what flashed through my mind was, “I’ve been driving for an hour and this is the first sign I’ve noticed.”

This realization led me to the conclusion that, in a competitive outdoor advertising environment, there is an opportunity – albeit brief, most likely – to make make an impact with your audience with digital signage. Someday in the not-so-distant future, city streets around the world will echo Las Vegas or Times Square or Tokyo. For now, however, digital signage is a not the norm, and therefore presents an effective avenue to break through the overload with something fresh or novel or highly creative.

Lighthouse Digital Signage

Lighthouse Digital Signage in the UK

Lighthouse digital signage is brighter, more colorful, and more versatile than standard billboards or static lighted signs. It’s programmable and offers not only more creative flexibility for the advertiser, but more revenue potential for the advertising host. Digital signage’s list of advantages is long and the shortcomings few. Often, the only immediately apparent shortcoming of digital signage – perceived cost – is a mistake of perception and, if viewed from an investment perspective, is actually a benefit. For the advertiser, more eyeballs on your sign means more return for your advertising dollar. For the advertising host, digital signage – and its inherent flexibility and often-legislated rates of change – create more revenue per advertiser and the opportunity to carry multiple advertisers on a single digital sign.

Driving away from the sign, I stopped at the next traffic light. Waiting for a green, I glanced in the mirror to catch the next ad. The digital billboard was capturing my attention both coming and going. I looked around at the hundreds of cars in the immediate vicinity and, because it was a Saturday evening, the legions of pedestrians walking up and down the street. The bright, colorful digital signage was an eye oasis in a gray smear of boring signs.

Lighthouse digital signage can help you create impact with your target audience, whether you’re selling products or advertising. The digital signage revolution is well underway, but still fresh. Gain a competitive advantage by delivering your message effectively, with Lighthouse digital signage.

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